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  Emil Genov - choreographer
About Emil Genov

Emil Genov was born on 5 March 1955 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

He started performing Bulgarian traditional dances in 1970 at Sredets dance ensemble to Sofia City Council with artistic director Dimitar Dimitrov.

He danced in the ensembles:
• Dance ensemble to the Ensemble of Construction workers with artistic directors Ognyan Aleksiev and Peter Zashev.
• Dance Ensemble to High school of mechanical enginieering in Sofia with artisitic director Pavel Pavlov.
• Dance ensemble to Peter Beron cultural club in Sofia with artistic director Raina Todorova.
Emil Genov was correpetitor at the dance ensembles to Ministry of Internal Affairs, Peter Beron cultural club in Sofia, several school ensembles and groups at cultural clubs, as well as some vocal groups.

In 1983 he graduated from the Music and choreography institute in Sofia.

From 1982 to 1922 he was an assistant art director to the dance ensemble to Peter Beron cultural club in Sofia and from 1984 to 1989 he was dance art methodist in the Blagoev region in Sofia and Students Municipality of Sofia.

Since 1986 he teaches Bulgarian dances in the Department of Post Diploma, Parallel and Distance
Education at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy in Sofia.

In 1981 Emil Genov founded Zornitsa students’ dance ensemble in Sofia, Bulgaria and since then he has been the group’s artistic director.

Since 1997 he initiated Balkanfolk international workshops for Balkan folklore, at which he teaches Bulgarian dances.

Emil Genov has produced the following dances:

1987 - "Igri ot Vidinsko" (Plays of Vidin) – a mixed dance based on folklore from the villages of Shipot, Gradets, Kapitanovtsi and the town of Vidin – the horos Izruchanka, Tsiganski kolishar, Sitnata, Erenda and others.
1992 - "Nadigravane"(Outplay) – Male Shoppian dance – Graovsko horo and Sitno shopsko horo
1997 - "Petrunino" – Mixed Shoppian dance – Petrunino, Zavarti Oro Galabo, Selskoto, Troiche and others.
2008 - "Kalushari” – Male Vlachs dance, divertisment style
2010 - "Pusta mladost" – Mixed Macedonian dance – Malishevsko, Krastachko oro, Shirto, the songs “Pusta mladost” and “Shto mi e milo em drago”.

Emil Genov has put up stage dances for folklore ensembles and groups in Prague, Berlin, Brno, Svishtov, Varshets, Sofia, etc.

Emil Genov is a member of the Dance Union.

In 2002 Emil Genov was awarded with Golden Lyra by the Union of Bulgarian musicians and dancers.


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